Florida HOA Attorneys

collectionThe Law Offices of Bakalar & Associates, P.A. provides all phases of legal representation for Community Associations with special emphasis on the collection of Association assessments and general corporate needs. Under normal circumstances, the Firm advances costs and defers attorney s fees related to the collection process. The firm, for example advances ALL costs, such as postal charges, recording charges, title searches, name searches, foreclosure filing fees, process service charges, skip trace and locate charges as well as all of the additional costs normally involved in the collection of delinquent assessments. These costs and fees are billed to the delinquent property owner(s)* (assuming that the Association’s governing documents and or applicable statutes provide for the collection of fees and costs). As a result, the Association is afforded the opportunity to conserve what could amount to thousands of dollars of cash flow per month.

It is no secret that Associations rely on the timely collection of assessments to operate. In an ever changing economic climate, assessment collection has come to the forefront of most Association meetings and has grown to take an ever increasing amount of time and dedication on the part of the Association and management to keep on top of the Association’s delinquencies. Unfortunately, community Associations as well as developers and others involved in the real estate community require dedicated assistance in the pursuit of an ever increasing outstanding debt obligation. More and more property owners are paying the bills which they feel are “more important” than paying their ongoing assessments. We use our vast knowledge of community association and real estate law expertise to assist our clients in meaningful and comprehensive collections assistance.

Bakalar & Associates, PA works efficiently and aggressively to move the collection process along within the context of governing laws and statutes, which are ever evolving, to facilitate the ongoing collection of past due assessments. Our Florida HOA attorneys are prepared to help you have the most successful case possible. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.