Firm Background

The Law Offices of Bakalar & Associates, P.A. is comprised of attorneys who are dedicated to providing its clients with the best professional services available. Our attorneys do not just consider the practice of law to be a business, instead, it is our life’s endeavor. The attorneys and staff members of the Firm are highly trained and motivated to offer the most comprehensive services available to its clients.

Bakalar & Associates, P.A. provides representation for Community Associations with special emphasis on the collection of Association assessments as well as general legal representation. Under most circumstances, the Firm advances costs and defers attorney’s fees related to the collection process. These costs and attorney’s fees are billed to the delinquent property owner(s) (assuming that the Association’s governing documents and/or applicable statutes provide for the collection of fees and costs). As a result, the Association is afforded the opportunity to conserve what could amount to thousands of dollars of cash flow per month.

Established in 1992, the Firm currently represents several hundred Associations in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. The Firm works with many of the major property management companies in the Tri-County area. We provide services for the smallest Condominium and Homeowner’s Association to Master Associations with tens of thousands of homeowners. Regardless of size, we provide the same personalized attention to all of our clients. The Firm prides itself in taking a proactive rather than reactive stance to current legal issues affecting its clients and is staffed to provide representation commensurate with the magnitude of any Association’s needs. In furtherance of our Firm’s mission to provide the utmost in quality legal services to our clients, we utilize a custom collection / case management database as well as state of the art computerized legal research which enables our attorneys to stay informed of the latest changes in both statues and case law.

The Firm utilizes a customized office wide collection database, calendar program and legal research programs which allows for the efficient and accurate processing of accounts from start to finish. Additionally, each team member has their own email address within the Firm and frequently communicates both with clients, property managers and property owners using email including the transmittal of scanned documents (PDF files) to facilitate rapid resolutions to collection accounts, questions and issues raised either by delinquent property owners or by our clients . The Firm has made, and continues to make significant investment in technology and Law Firm based software to allow for us to provide the most cost effective and efficient leqal services to its clients.

The Firm is honored to be a member of ACA International, The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (“ACA”). ACA Membership demonstrates that the Firm is dedicated to advancing quality and professionalism in the collection industry. As an ACA member, the Firm  has agreed to comply with all applicable federal and state law regulations as well as ethical standards established by ACA.

To fully explore your legal rights, you are invited to contact our office. Our lawyers and support staff have the expertise and resources to research, investigate and handle all of our client’s needs and produce for our clients the best possible results in the shortest possible time.

We strive to meet your needs! The Firm is focused on meeting its clients needs and expectations. The Firm customizes its representation based upon client needs and tailors its strategy to best serve each client.