Why Would I Need an Attorney for a HOA Dispute?

Are you currently locked in a seemingly unresolvable dispute with your HOA? This is the kind of ongoing battle that will frequently require the expert aid and counsel of homeowner association defense lawyers in FL. Not only are you subject to being sued by your HOA, but you may feel the need to take legal action of your own accord.

What Are Common Disputes Between Homeowners and HOAs?

There are a number of types of disputes that are very common between homeowners and HOAs. These are exactly the kinds of disagreements that may call for the expert aid and counsel of Coral Springs HOA attorneys. These disputes may include the following:

  • Disputes over whether you have paid your assessments or dues to your HOA in a timely manner
  • Being accused of not maintaining your home in the manner that is expected by your HOA
  • Accusations of parking in supposedly unauthorized areas
  • Accusations of violating HOA use and zoning ordinances
  • Owning a supposedly illegal pet or an unauthorized number of pets

What Can Coral Springs HOA Attorneys Do to Help You?

Bakalar & Associates is the leading firm of homeowner association defense lawyers in FL. If there is a way to solve your problem without going to court, we will do our best to find it. The best way is usually through a process of mediation where both sides sit down in order to find a solution that doesn’t involve going to court.

However, if the dispute should prove too much to fix through the process of mediation, we will give you our full level of expert backing in court. Get in touch with Bakalar & Associates to find out more about what they can do to help you resolve your HOA dispute.