HOA Law: What You Need to Know About Your Case

When you live in a community that has a homeowner’s association, there are various rules of which you are expected to abide. However, there are times when situations may arise that lead to disputes between a homeowner and the HOA, and in some instances may require the services of attorneys skilled in these cases in order to be resolved. If you find yourself embroiled in an HOA controversy, here is how Coral Springs HOA dispute lawyers can be of assistance.

Viewing HOA Documents
If you are involved in an HOA dispute you do have certain legal rights, one of which is being allowed to view the HOA documents from your homeowner’s association. Since these rules are required to be applicable with all local, state, and federal laws, working with condo issue attorneys in Coral Springs FL such as Bakalar & Associates can be crucial in these situations. Since these documents will contain bylaws, articles of incorporation, and various covenants, conditions, and restrictions, an experienced attorney may be able to pinpoint various discrepancies as they pertain to existing law.

Civil Disputes
When involved in these matters, it is important to remember that any HOA violations are not considered criminal matters, but are instead civil disputes to be settled in civil court. While enforcement policies of an HOA can include warnings, fines, and restrictions of certain privileges, they generally are not matters where police need to become involved. Thus, should your HOA threaten you with criminal charges or attempt to have police unnecessarily harass you, contact condo issue attorneys in Coral Springs FL at once.

While it is of course easier to follow all established rules, there are times when disputes may be unable to avoid. When this happens, schedule a consultation with experienced and knowledgeable Coral Springs HOA dispute lawyers at Bakalar & Associates to discuss your case in greater detail.