Tenants Not Paying Rent? When to Discuss with an Attorney

A major frustration for landlords is when tenants fail to pay rent. Landlords are obligated by law to follow certain procedures to collect rent and evict tenants who fail to pay. There may also be written lease terms that set forth the proper procedures to follow. To ensure that you do not violate the law, landlords should consult with the Coral Springs condo issue attorneys at Bakalar & Associates for advice.

What options are available when a tenant fails to pay rent?
When a tenant fails to pay rent, then a landlord may have the option to pursue an eviction and receive a judgment for the sums owed. Before a landlord can evict, certain procedures must be followed, including providing certain notice to the tenant to provide them an opportunity to remedy the issue.

If there is a written lease or rental agreement, then there may be additional requirements that must be followed. If a landlord fails to comply with the proper procedure required by law and in an agreement, then there could be legal consequences. Because of this, landlords should consult with our HOA dispute lawyers in Coral Springs FL.

How can an attorney help?
Coral Springs condo issue attorneys can review your situation to determine what remedies are available and how to legally pursue those remedies. We can assist in preparing the necessary notices and documents, to ensure that you do not violate the law.

Our HOA dispute lawyers in Coral Springs FL can provide legal advice about the best course of action to pursue in addressing a tenants failure to pay rent or other issues you may be having with your tenants. At Bakalar & Associates, we strive to find resolutions in an efficient and cost-effective way.

If you are having issues with tenants paying rent, then contact Bakalar & Associates to learn what you can do.