Tenant vs. Condo Association Responsibilities

tenant vs condo

While most people are clear as to the responsibilities of owning a home, many are less clear concerning condominium ownership. In legal circles, condominiums are viewed as apartments that are owned. As such, ownership extends inward from the condo’s ceiling, floors, and interior walls. However, a condo owner is also a partner with other residents of the condo association, which can sometimes lead to disputes. If you are involved in a dispute, rely on a condo attorney in Coral Springs FL from Bakalar & Associates for assistance.

Exterior Upkeep
In most condo communities, the condo association is responsible for exterior maintenance, such as the roof and foundation, and also for upkeep of amenities including swimming pools and clubhouses. In situations where the condo association alleges you damaged these areas, witnesses and evidence will be crucial. Otherwise, you may face repair bills, limitations on use of facilities, and possibly being evicted from the complex.

Association Meetings and Voting Rights
If you are a condo owner, you have the right to attend condo association meetings, speak at these meetings, voice concerns you may have, and vote on any resolutions the association may present. In addition, if you are a tenant who has been conferred with a Power of Attorney by the unit’s owner, you have the same rights as the owner to speak on their behalf. If you believe your rights have been denied in these situations, never sit back and do nothing. Instead, hire an experienced condo attorney to handle your case.

Since condo associations can create and enforce a variety of rules on unit owners and tenants, it is imperative you have a good understanding of the rights and responsibilities of tenants and a condo association. To learn more about these rights, reach out to a condo attorney in Coral Springs FL from Bakalar & Associates to discuss your concerns.