Choosing the Right Power of Attorney

By using a power of attorney, it allows you to appoint an individual who you trust to act as your agent or “attorney-in-fact.” In most cases, it is used so that they have the ability to handle financial matters if you are unable to act on your own behalf or if you become incapacitated. By giving another individual this power, you can ensure that important decisions are made when you are not available.

There are various types of power of attorney designations that can be used. If you choose the wrong one, decisions may be made regarding your medical condition or financial situation that you would not approve of.┬áTo ensure that your needs are fully met, it’s advisable to contact a Coral Springs FL estate planning attorney about creating a power of attorney that is tailored to your requirements and situation.

Choose Someone You Trust

If you are considering naming an individual as your power of attorney, it should be with someone you trust. It’s important that they understand your values and will act accordingly if they are required to make legal and financial decisions for you.

To understand more about designating a power of attorney and get help with the intricacies of different designations, you may want to talk with an experienced attorney at Bakalar & Associates. They can provide guidance and help make sure that you choose the option that is best for your situation.


Attention to Detail and a Conversation

The person you choose to have a power of attorney over your affairs should have an attention to detail. If you own a business, it’s imperative that they understand all of the intricacies for that as well.

It is always helpful to have a thorough conversation with the individual who you are considering acting as your attorney-in-fact. They should understand the responsibilities of the position and the scope of your legal affairs and finances.


Choosing a Power of Attorney

Bakalar & Associates has a professional team of attorneys who understand the individual complexities of each power of attorney designation.

When your circumstances demand the most optimal care, it’s best to contact a Coral Springs FL estate planning attorney who can walk you through the different power of attorney designations and explain which one is best for your situation.