Local Business Helps Elderly Woman At Odds With HOA

Article Courtesy of WPBF Channel 25 Palm Beach
By Gianna Caserta

Published July 15, 2018

Floor & Decor is replacing the tile in Rosemarie Caracciolo’s condo for free after the Homeowners Association forced her to either rip up new tile or pay a fee.

“I walk around in a cloud, I can’t believe this, it is just unreal,” Caracciolo said. “I got to the point where this was going on for two years, I had to end it, I’ve had that on my shoulders.”

The HOA said her floors weren’t up to code. However, Caracciolo said she had the paperwork to prove she did everything right.

After months of mediation, she agreed to rip up the floors, but there was one big problem, it was going to cost her an extra $10,000. This is when Floor & Decor stepped in.

“We saw it on the news and of course, we have to do something,” Bobby Alli, Floor & Décor senior director, regional operations, said. “(We thought,) ‘Let’s see what we can do to help.’”

After seeing our story, Floor & Décor, the company who installed the original tile, told Caracciolo they would help.

Floor & Decor is replacing the tile in Rosemarie Caracciolo’s condo for free.

“He said we are going to help you, don’t worry, we will take care of everything. I couldn’t believe it,” Caracciolo said.

Floor & Décor even called the HOA and turned in all the proper paperwork.

“They didn’t have what I had before,” Caracciolo said. “I picked out something else and it was more expensive, but they said pick whatever you want, there are good people in this world. It is unreal.”

Even the workers for Floor & Decor are volunteering their time.

“We are here helping Rosemarie out,” Roger Delagneau, Floor & Décor store manager, said. “We brought a couple volunteers from our South Florida stores to come out, rip up her floors and put new one to meet the HOA specs.”

Carracciolo is so amazed by the generosity of Floor & Décor that she’s trying to do everything she can to help them through this process.

“They are doing a heck of a job, oh my God, so the least I do is buy lunch for them,” Caracciolo said. “I would do more, but they don’t even want anything.”